Y-Chromosome DNA Testing

Male gender Y chromosome. Genetics concept. 3D rendered illustration.

Determine The Male Line

The Y-chromosome, which is only found in males, passes down unchanged from father to son. Any male who has a male ancestor in common will have the same Y-chromosome. This applies to cousins, nephews, uncles, a grandfather or any other man in the family. This type of test is very helpful in determining whether two males are related through a father’s line of genetics. Get accurate Y-chromosome DNA testing with Choice DNA Testing. We’ll set you up at (800) 219-4362 so give us a call today.

How Y-DNA Testing Works

When it comes to determining the parentage of a child, a paternity test of the alleged father is conducted. In some situations, it may not be possible as the person may not be willing or able to do the test. In cases such as this, a Y-chromosome test is useful. Anyone from the alleged father’s cousin to nephew to grandfather or other males in relation can be tested with the results revealing whether the two are biologically related.

Our price for non-legal Y-Chromosome testing for one person is $425. Results are usually available two to five business days after DNA collection.

This type of test examines the STR (short tandem repeat) segments of DNA on the Y chromosome. The segments are known as genetic markers and occur in non-coding DNA, also known as “junk” DNA. These tests generally look at 10 to 67 markers on the Y chromosome, but more than 100 can be available.

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